Making the same different

For the first part of the year, my family and I are doing something a little different and basing ourselves in Japan while I play rugby over here.

It’s a really exciting and interesting time because while I’m still plying my trade and we’re all getting the opportunity to experience a different culture, way of life and of course work through language challenges too.

It’s a really great way for us to be doing the same thing, in terms of rugby, but getting a new lease of energy and interest by doing it somewhere different. It’s quite refreshing and I’m loving every minute of it.

Basing myself in another country for a while is also a great way to learn – on and off the field – and I’m looking forward to the experience developing me further as a person as well as a rugby player.

Making a move like this, however, is a big decision and one that my wife Hannah and I worked through together looking at the benefits as well as the risks.

For me, joining the Wild Knights made sense as they hold a lot of the values I and the NZ –based teams I play for have including; a hunger for success and putting people at the centre of the club.

There’s a real family feel about the club and they’ve welcomed me and my family into the fold which has made the move really smooth and enjoyable.

If you’re loving farming but feel like you need to hit the refresh button, have a look at how you can change things up a bit. Chat with your staff, your family or business partners and see what ideas people have.

Some of the ideas may be really simple, easy to implement and at the same time bring a new lease of energy to the team–particularly if it’s their idea you introduce. The same applies if you’re a farmworker. Have a word with the boss if you have a thought on running something differently.

Farmstrong’s 5 Ways to Wellbeing are a great place to start if you and the team need some inspiration – can you learn something new, or get off-farm and connect with mates more often or try a new sport or outdoor activity, or put your hand up and get involved in your community or even just stop and take a bit more time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life – your friends, your family, your land.

I’m finding that our shift to Japan is great for my family, my personal energy levels, and for learning new things about rugby and myself. If you do look to do something different on the farm good luck, enjoy the journey but make sure you go in with eyes wide open and weigh up the pros and cons first.





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