The Farmstrong Team

The Team behind Farmstrong

Pete Frizzell

Pete is Chair of the Farmstrong Governance Group who oversee Farmstrong’s strategic direction.  As Chair he works closely with the other Governance Group members (from founding partners FMG and Mental Health Foundation, and strategic partner ACC) as well as engaging regularly with the Farmstrong implementation team.

Gerard Vaughan

Gerard is Farmstrong’s project lead and spokesperson. He helped design and establish the programme in 2015 and oversees its research and education initiatives. Gerard also delivers Farmstrong workshops and presentations turning the science of wellbeing into practical tools and resources for busy farmers.

Nigel Beckford

Nigel is a communications and content creation specialist. He’s been involved with Farmstrong since its inception and spends of a lot of his life interviewing farmers and sharing stories in print and video about coping with the ups and downs of farming. He also attends rural events on Farmstrong’s behalf.

Colin Wright

Colin manages Farmstrong’s marketing and communications and works with sector organisations and media partners to share its tools and resources.

Krissy Cloutman

Krissy is Farmstrong’s delivery specialist. She works closely with a wide range of rural organisations and communities to share Farmstrong’s wellbeing resources with as many people in the rural sector as possible. She also helps to organise and run Farmstrong community events.

Kirsten Stevenson

Kirsten is Farmstrong’s first point of contact. Every week she deals with a wide range of Farmstrong-related enquiries from around the country and handles requests for resources, merchandise and other assistance. She also provides essential administrative support for the programme.

Caitlyn Winchester

Caitlyn looks after Farmstrong’s social media channels which connects the programme with more than 13,000 followers.

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