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From prostate cancer and bowel issues, to depression, sexual health and smoking, Looking After Your Nuts & Bolts by legendary sports journalist Phil Gifford covers all aspects of men’s health.

With chapter headings like; Your Prostate: An Annoying Little Bugger, Stroke: Dodging the Sniper Fire, and Great Food: That Doesn’t Taste Like Crap, this Kiwi men’s health guide is not only informative, but also incredibly entertaining and easy to read.

The book doesn’t suggest blokes “switch to silver beet sandwiches, organic oat bran enemas, kale smoothies, or naked sweat lodge fasting”.

Instead, “what’s being offered here is a place to check out ideas that could help you not just live longer, but better,” writes Phil in one of the opening chapters called No Kale Smoothies.

Chapters broken down into topics

Each chapter in the book delves into a specific health topic, for example, testicular cancer, exercise, heart health, break-ups, and skin cancer, making it easy to dip in and out of the book as you please.

“Everyone who’s quoted is an expert, whether it’s a fitness trainer who guides the All Blacks, or the surgeon who does more prostate checks than Winston Peters sneaks a look in the mirror,” Phil writes.

Many of the chapters also have firsthand stories from Kiwi blokes, (some high profile) who have experienced health issues, giving the book a relatable feel.

At the end of most chapters, website addresses for reputable health organisations are listed so readers can find out more information.

There are also other chapters that don’t focus directly on health topics per se such as: 10 Places to Make You Feel Good About Being a Kiwi, Five Crime Novels Worth Hunting Out, How to Be a Mate & Other Hints For Life, and The Magic of Music.

Written from personal experience

What makes the book such a good read is that Phil speaks from personal experience.

He’s had more than his share of health scares over the years including prostate, bowel and skin cancer, as well as having both hips replaced.

He’s also jumped (sometimes staggered) through the usual lifetime hoops including marriage, fatherhood, divorce and remarriage, he writes.

“In the workplace, I’ve been hired, sacked, resigned, been sued and counter-sued. Owned houses, sold houses, moved houses. Lived in the country, lived in the city.”

The book is also littered with colourful photos, some of which will bring a smile to many people’s faces.

So, if you, or the bloke in your life, could do with an informative and entertaining read about men’s health topics, then check out this Kiwi classic.

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