Live well farm well

May 22, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 8526 Live Well Farm Well

Live well farm well

When you look after yourself, you’re looking after your farm too.

Farming is a job with a unique set of challenges. Many are hard to predict or control. They include climate events like drought and flood, fluctuations in commodity prices, changing government legislation and new technology.

Added to these external factors are the demands of running any business – financial and production planning, managing cash flow, hiring and managing staff, equipment maintenance, succession planning and more.

The final layer of challenges is personal. Every farmer’s performance is affected by his/her level of health, fitness and happiness.

These pressures aren’t going to disappear, so as a farmer you need resilience, smart strategies and specific skills to live well and farm well. Research shows many farmers are great at looking after their equipment and stock, but not so good at looking after themselves. If, as an industry, we can better-equip ourselves for the human side of life, farm productivity can only improve. That’s where Farmstrong comes in.

Farmstrong is an initiative designed to share skills and resources so you can live well, farm well and get the most out of life.


Surveys reveal that farmers want advice.

Wellbeing and quality of life are top of mind for many farmers. Recent research shows that:


over a third had high cholesterol levels and were referred to a GP

3 out of 10 were carrying too much weight

4 out of 10 had trouble sleeping

more than half had issues with high blood pressure

nearly half wanted advice on how to achieve better work-life balance

over a third wanted to know more about managing tiredness and fatigue

4 out of 10 are concerned about the impact of stress and burnout



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