Wellbeing hub on farm opens to locals

Bay of Plenty farmer Mohi Beckham-Adams has finally realised his dream of opening a wellbeing hub with an on-farm gym to help local farmers.

The hub, which contains a gym called Oooosh Gym, has been set up in a large shed behind Mohi’s house on the family’s Pukehina farm.

It was officially opened on 5 November and a great day was had by everyone who came along. Guests were also treated to a delicious hangi, he says.

Mohi has personal experience with depression and burnout and says he wanted to help others.

“I’ve made a conscious effort to live and work differently since then and that’s one of the reasons we got this hub going.”

Mohi’s whānau, local farmers and growers and people from Rural Support Trust and MPI and Farmstrong attended the opening.

Opportunity to decompress

Mohi had been running outdoor boot camps on his farm for a while, and an indoor hub was the next step in his dream.

He says the new hub is like an F45-type gym (high-intensity interval training, circuit training, and functional training) with kitchen facilities and places to hang out, no matter the weather.

“We work out for an hour, then we have bit of a yarn after and chew the fat. Sometimes that can last until midnight.”

Mohi says working out at the gym allows people to decompress.

“Coming here at night, you sweat out all that frustration and catch up with people who know exactly what you’re going through.”

Mohi says the benefits of physical exercise are huge.

“It helps you eat healthier, sleep better, worry less. It makes on-farm work easier on the body. Your whole body and mind just start to improve.”

And the social side is also hugely important.

“I came across a local guy the other night who I’d only known for a wee while and by the end of the night he was opening up to me about all sorts of things. It’s not just about pumping weights, it’s also about warmth and making people feel welcome. Anyone going through challenges in life would find it helpful.”

He says he couldn’t have got the hub up and running without the support of a good group of people.

“I’m grateful to the farm owner and directors at Scylla dairy for sharing in this vision and allowing me to go down this track and follow this Kaupapa,” he says.

“I find giving back to the community gives me energy. I like seeing people with a smile on their face. That’s what gets me going.”

Welcoming place to gather is gold

Bay of Plenty Rural Support Trust regional co-ordinator and administrator Jodie Craig helped Mohi secure and manage funding from MPI for the initiative.

She says having a welcoming place where people can come together and connect is gold when farming.

“Farming can be tough and having a place like this where people are made to feel welcome and at home is incredible,” Jodie says.

“Mohi has such a big heart and open arms, and he embraces everybody into his family.”

Farmstrong project lead Gerard Vaughan, the hub opening’s keynote speaker, says the gym creates a focal point for people to get together, exercise, have a break from the farm.

“It’s a great example of a community initiative that people are proactively organising in order to improve people’s wellbeing,” he says.

“Mohi knows how important the wellbeing side of things is and he’s created this amazing opportunity for others to share in that journey.”

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