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Farmer-To-Farmer Tips And Advice

Ready to Lock-In A Change? Watch These Farmer Stories For Ideas!

These video clips show how farmers like you are making big gains from small improvements to eating, sleep, exercise, taking time off and positive thinking. What changes could you lock-in to your life?

Dan And Reidun Nicholson

Dan and Reidun can vouch that getting off the farm really helps manage stress and pressure.


Joe And Donna Hintz

Making an effort to get out and enjoy life more helped this couple gain greater satisfaction from farming.



Rex realised a heavy workload and long hours were taking their toll. He decided to “button off” a bit with great results.


Dylan And Sheree Ditchfield

Dylan and Sheree turned their business around by making wellbeing their number one business priority.


Stu Richards

Stu uses Farmstrong wellbeing tips every day to tackle the challenges of farming with a positive attitude.


Tony Coltman

Tony explains how a few lifestyle adjustments have proved crucial to the success of his business.


James Pharazyn

Keeping active and social are at the heart of James’ success at Motere Angus Stud.



Richard And Becks Tosswill

Proactive steps to manage sleep and stress put this couple in a much better space.

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