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  1. Marianne says:

    We’re putting together a sharemilker-evening and would really love a representative from farmstrong to come along. Is this possible?

  2. Mondo Kopua says:

    Kia ora folks,

    Yesterday I signed up for the Farmstrong Cycle Challenge.

    I recently also entered the Tour Aotearoa ( which is a 3000km bike ride (bike-packing) along a set route (mostly on cycleways, gravel and back roads ) from Cape Reinga to Bluff. The first (of three) wave of 100 riders will start on the 21 February 2016. Riders have to stick to the set route and will have to stop and take a photo at 30 Photo Control Points that will be at iconic places of NZ to ensure that we get to enjoy some of the stunning landscapes.

    It is a brevet not a race and participants have to be self-supported. There is no prize money, no sag wagon or support teams.

    Riders can stop and start whenever and wherever they like, so long as you cycle the whole course and must complete the course in no less than 10 days and no more than 30 days.

    We have to carry a spot tracker for several reasons. Safety is the obvious one. But it also means the organisers can be sure riders follow the course. It’s also the best way for family, friends and supporters to spectate and follow the ‘dots’ along the way.

    A donation of $100 to a charity of our choice and a contribution to offset the carbon emission from travel (i.e. flights) is a requirement to get onto the start list. The charity I donated to was the Mental Health Foundation of NZ. I chose this organisation as I was a support runner on day 5 (Dun Mountain, Nelson) of the High 5-0 Challenge and through that association I wish to continue to support them .

    Is there any way or opportunities that I can promote Farmstrong and the Mental Health Foundation of NZ via the Tour Aotearoa ride at a local or national level?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Glenn says:

      Hi Mondo,

      Congrats on signing up for the 3,000km Tour Aotearoa – and the Farmstrong cycle challenge. How many km’s have you pledged before July next year to the Farmstrong challenge? I am guessing at least 3,000km! 🙂

      Its great to have you on board and we’re delighted you’ve chosen MHF as your charity of choice for Tour Aotearoa! Its also great to see you promoting the physical benefits of being more active, as well as the emotional (and spiritual) benefits of ‘giving’ (which is one of the 5 ways to well-being endorsed by the MHF. Check out the article ‘the big 5’ in the menu). We’d be delighted if you want to promote Farmstrong as part of your involvement in Tour Aotearoa. We’ll get in touch in the next few days to discuss how you might be able to do this.

      Thanks for reaching out.

  3. Ashlee says:


    Our Young Farmers Club would like to donate money to Farm Strong. Could you please let me know your details and where we are able to send this ?


    • Glenn says:

      Hi Ashley, thank you for your support of Farmstrong. As a not for profit organisation NZYF actually plays a really important role in rural wellbeing. The social and learning aspects promoted through your association encourage really positive wellbeing behaviours. Rather than donating money we would love to see your local young farmers club get in behind Farmstrong to promote our wellbeing message of living well to farm well. This can be getting off farm (to attend regional finals of the FMG Young Farmer of the Year or even just a coffee in town with a friend or family member), learning, taking notice of the small things or even being more active. On that note, maybe your club could get behind the Farmstrong Challenge and pledge some kms to our goal of rural NZ exercising 4m kms! Check our http://www. If you want to discuss this further please contact

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