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Eat Well

Steady energy levels and good mood begin with the right kinds of food

Farming’s a demanding job that requires physical and mental energy. You’re using tools, operating plant and machinery, distributing feed, harvesting, calving and a hundred other tasks. And you’re thinking about yields, productivity, staff, weather, stock, pasture, and so on. The energy you need comes from the food you eat. The better the food, the better you can think and perform. Quality in equals quality out.

Farmers want to do even better with food

In a recent online survey, over a third of farmers wanted to learn more about how to manage low energy levels. Over a third also had high cholesterol levels and over half had issues with high blood pressure.

The irony is that farmers know the importance of carefully monitoring what their cows and sheep eat, but then skip meals, eat badly and neglect their own nutrition and health.

It all points to a growing need for helpful nutrition information that farmers can use to improve their own health and energy levels.

Our Expert Answers Farmers’ Questions about Nutrition

Should I be eating breakfast? How do I keep on top of my diet when I’m busy? Why is good nutrition important?  What’s the deal with sugar and fats? These are just some of the questions farmers were asking about diet and nutrition, so we teamed up with Wairarapa-based, nutrition expert Sarah Percy to help answer them.

Sarah Percy on Eating Well

Nutritionist Sarah Percy explains how ‘fuelling up’ with the right food and staying hydrated are essential for maintaining energy levels and keeping healthy.

4 Responses to Eat Well

  1. Lyn says:

    I don’t see any useful information at all here on this website page. Am I missing something?

    • Glenn says:

      Sorry you feel that way Lyn. If you use the main menu at the top right of the website and click on one of our topics there’s plenty of information to help you live well and farm well, including details on getting time off the farm, getting good rest and sleep, Healthy thinking, the importance of contact, Nutrition and the 5 ways of wellbeing that Farmstrong’s infomation is based on. Glenn.

      • lynette says:

        I agree – perhaps a link to healthy food guide website or some specifics about eating less processed food and more vegetables and fruit. The rest of the site is good – this page is a little thin.

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