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Farming is a job with a unique set of challenges.

Many are hard to predict or control. They range from climate events like drought and flood to fluctuations in commodity prices, changing government legislation and new technology.

Along with these external factors, come the demands of running any business – financial and production planning, managing cash flow, hiring and managing staff, succession planning etc. These pressures aren’t going to disappear so it’s vital that farmers develop the skills and resilience to cope.

Research shows many farmers are great at looking after their equipment and stock, but, like other NZers, they can neglect their own wellbeing. As an industry, we can’t afford to let these pressures reach the point where they damage productivity and affect the lives of families.

Farmstrong is an initiative designed to give farmers the skills and resources to live well, farm well and get the most out of life.


This material has been developed to help promote farmer wellbeing in NZ and stimulate discussion on these important topics. We gratefully acknowledge the following organisations and resources for their inspiration, ideas and input.

Dr Tom Mulholland’s Healthy Thinking, The Power of Healthy Thinking, Champions’ Guide Material. BSS NZ’s Managing For Mental Wellbeing, Fatigue Management, the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety’s Managing The Pressures of Farming and various presentations, advice and literature provided by The Mental Health Foundation of NZ.




12 Responses to About Farmstrong

  1. Nicola says:

    Farmstrong is a great initiative. Is there any possibility of posters to place in dairy sheds as a reminder of the importance of health and wellbeing?

    • Glenn says:

      Thanks Nicola, Thanks for the kind words. We feel the posters are a great idea and way to keep farmstrongs messages of ‘live well, farm well’ top of mind. We are looking to roll out some soon. Be sure to sign up to hear more from Farmstrong so we can share when they are available.

  2. Anna Clark says:

    Hey there, can you please forward me a contact for Farmstrong?
    Thanks Anna

  3. Mark Neeson says:

    Hi. I have read your website concerning the 2016 cycle tour. I have a question of clarification. Two dates are mentioned: a tour in March 2016 and a tour in Spring 2016. Spring 2016 is more than a year away.

    Are there two events or are the dates not correct?

    I note also that an advert in the Farmers Weekly of 8 June 2015 refers to the Fit4Farming Cycle Tour 2015. Is this an error and should it be 2016?

    Thank you, Mark

    • Glenn Croasdale says:

      Hi Mark, thanks for your enquiry and sorry about any confusion. A peloton of 20 riders will travel the country from March 18 – April 2 2016. The peloton will stop in a number of rural locations and hold ‘events’ in those areas to allow locals to walk, run or cycle as part of promoting fitness and how this can support you on farm. We will communicate dates and locations in more detail very soon. If Farmers Weekly wrote 2015, that’s an error – sorry.
      Right now however, we are encouraging farmers and the rural community to pledge kilometres towards a collective goal of travelling 4,000,000km before April 2016. This can be walking, running or cycling and as much or as little as you feel comfortable pledging. We’ll be providing extra functionality on this site soon to help you track your pledge too! Keep an eye out, or pledge today and we’ll email you when the new functionality is live. We’ve already had over 165,000km pledged in the first week.

  4. Steve Bailey says:

    Its not a sign of weakness to ask for help. Take a breath

    • Eddie Gudopp says:

      Hi Steve, Great thought. Can I just add a little to it that I have used in my 15 years of Coaching. It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help it is proof of MATURITY.

  5. Chris says:

    What a great idea to help us out! Thanks.

  6. Marie says:


    I’m doing a study on the work life balance of dairy farmers in Ireland. I was wondering if you could sent me a link to you online survey research report ‘Live well farm well’

    Thanks a mill.

  7. Eddie Gudopp says:

    This is my first visit to this site and I wish to congratulate all those that have contributed to such a great resource.

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