Truckloads to raise truckloads for Farmstrong

The Straw Warehouse is supporting Farmstrong over the month of December. Until December 31 when you book your unit loads of barley or rye grass straw from the Straw Warehouse, 2% of your purchase price will go to Farmstrong. Straw Warehouses expertise is in the supply of quality fibre products to customers and with your support they are hoping to make a difference so the rural community can live well to farm well.

Truck loads to raise truck loads is their goal.  Go to the Straw Warehouse for more information.

Why be Farmstrong?

When you look after yourself you’re looking after your farm too. Farming is a job with a unique set of challenges – many are hard to predict or control. These challenges and pressures aren’t going to disappear. That’s why developing habits that help you perform at your best are so important. That’s where Farmstrong comes in. We share farmer-to-farmer tips, supported and informed by wellbeing science. These will help you increase your wellbeing so you can cope better with the ups and downs of farming.  There is a heap of information on staying farm fit, eating well, healthy thinking, the importance of taking time off the farm and how to cope with stress and burnout.

For more information and tips and advice on how to live well to farm well visit Farmstrong



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