Healthy thinking with Dr Tom Mulholland

Healthy thinking helps you to be resilient, so you can manage the ups and downs of farming.

Farming is a high-pressure profession these days, with more stresses and demands than most other types of work.  You need to be in the right head-space to make good decisions, maintain positive relationships with the people you live and work with and be flexible when the weather or global market throws you a curve ball

Becoming a resilient farmer

Springing back into shape after you’ve been knocked down – that’s resilience. It’s not an ability that we are born with. It’s a skill that anyone can learn and improve.

The resilient farmer…

  • thinks flexibly
  • is optimistic
  • is a creative problem-solver
  • can see others’ points of view
  • can challenge his/her own view
  • can move on with daily life, despite obstacles

Healthy Thinking is a registered trademark of the Healthy Thinking Institute.

Having a healthy attitude

Medical doctor and Healthy Thinking expert Dr Tom Mulholland, talks about the importance of managing your attitudes to live a happier, more productive life. In this clip he explains how many of our default settings are examples of unhealthy thinking that only add to the pressures of farming.

TWIG on to a new way of thinking – part one

Medical doctor and Healthy Thinking expert Dr Tom Mulholland, offers practical strategies and techniques for managing stress and dealing with the ups and downs of farming.

In this short clip, Dr Tom talks about the TWIG technique, which involves examining whether our thoughts/emotions are True, Worth It and will help you achieve your Goals. If the answer is no, you need to replace it with a healthier way of thinking.

TWIG on to a new way of  thinking – part two

Medical doctor and Healthy Thinking expert Dr Tom Mulholland, shares more insights about twigging. Twigging is when you examine your thoughts/emotions to see if they are True, Worth It and whether they will help you achieve your Goals.  You’ll learn how twigging can help you catch unhealthy thoughts and maintain a healthy outlook. Dr Tom uses on-farm examples to show how twigging can make a difference to the way you handle the ups and downs of farming.

Switching your thinking

Dr Tom explains how a few simple sayings can help you overcome the brain’s in-built negativity bias.




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