Know your mindset. Grow your influence

Date:Wednesday 12 and 19 August

Time: 7.00 – 8.30pm

Know your Mindset. Grow your Influence is a two-part, online practical personal development workshop supporting farmers to respond to pressures with meaningful action.

Influence is hard to come by in farming. We take prices, bear the weather and shoulder new regulations. But just working harder to fight every fire is the road to frustration, disappointment and burnout.  With so much changing so fast, we invite you to pause, reflect on your mindset and values and decide what meaningful, positive action in your life, business and community might look like.

Designed for farmers and presented by clinical psychologist Dr Nigel George of Umbrella Wellbeing and AWDT founder and farmer Lindy Nelson, this two-part workshop runs across August 12 and August 19.

It is open to individuals or farming teams in the sheep, beef and dairy sectors.

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