Kimbolton sculpture festival

When: Saturday 4 April

Where: Kimbolton

Enjoy a day out in Kimbolton at the sculpture festival. The Kimbolton community is big on spirit and heart and the festival:

  • Shows off jaw dropping sculptures that reflect on this beautiful land we live in.
  • Allows everyone a creative space to get involved.
  • Provides a well-deserved day out.

They want to show everyone that art is for all with:

  • Big prize money awards of up to $5000.
  • A comprehensive range of categories to suit newbies and established artists.
  • The encouragement that creativity is good for your well-being.

As well as the sculpture competition there is:

  • Country food and live music
  • Market stalls
  • Creative activities and challenges
  • Vintage car, tractor, pony and donkey rides
  • Demonstrations

For more information go to the Kimbolton sculpture festival website here

Kimbolton Sculpture Festival



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