Golden Bay’s A&P show

A great day out for everyone

Date: 19 -20 January 2019
Location: Golden Bay Showgrounds, Golden Bay

Golden Bay’s A & P show is a true country style, family friendly show with lots to see and do. Get up close to the prize winning cattle, goats, sheep and cheer on the horse riders, choppers and shearers.

Browse with envy the stunning displays of baking, flowers, handcrafts, photography, art & craft in the display booth. Visit the huge array of trade stands to get close and personal with large machinery, farm implements, agricultural equipment, top quality local merchandise and seek helpful tips and advice on everything ‘country’.

Have fun entertaining your family by visiting the well known Sturgeons Amusements sideshows or see the all day free stuff at the entertainment hub and childrens play arena. Check out the vintage machinery display or maybe enter the Digger operator competition.

The Golden Bay A&P show has something for everyone!

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