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TWIG on to a new way of thinking – part two

Medical doctor and healthy thinking expert Dr Tom Mulholland shares more insights about Twigging in part two of this clip. You’ll learn how Twigging can help you catch unhealthy thoughts and maintain a more healthy outlook. Dr. Tom uses on-farm examples to show how ‘twigging’ can make a difference to the way you handle the ups and downs of farming.

“In the past, I’ve got frustrated with things like stock breaking out of the paddock. Now instead of feeling my blood pressure rising, I use Healthy Thinking to manage my thoughts and emotions, deal with things and move on to the next challenge.”

Stu Richards, manager, bull finishing unit, Whatawhata

Click the links below to download the following resources:

Healthy Thinking Workshop Summary Slides

Workshop Exercise Template

Healthy Thinking pre-workshop Questionnaire

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