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TWIG on to a new way of thinking – part one

Medical doctor and healthy thinking expert Dr Tom Mulholland offers practical strategies and techniques for managing stress and dealing with the ups and downs of farming. In this clip, Tom introduces one of the tools from his Healthy Thinking toolbox called TWIG. When unexpected challenges occur on the farm, ‘twigging’ helps farmers work out whether their thinking is helping or hindering them in achieving their goals.

“Meeting Dr. Tom at the Healthy Thinking workshop was fantastic. The biggest insight I got out of it was how much we worry about things we can’t control. Healthy Thinking really makes you question why you are getting so worried. Now I just focus on getting things done and not stressing.”

James Pharazyn, manager sheep and beef, Angus stud farm, Hawkes Bay

Click the links below to download the following resources:

Healthy Thinking Workshop Summary Slides

Workshop Exercise Template

Healthy Thinking pre-workshop Questionnaire



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