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Turn On Your Core – Farmstrong 4-Week Challenge

Welcome to the “Turn On Your Core” Farmstrong 4-Week Challenge.

If you spend just ten minutes a day, four days a week doing this routine you’ll soon feel stronger, be more flexible and have better balance. Taking time to warm up your body also helps prevent injury.

The Challenge is for people of all shapes and requires no specialist equipment. Start at week one and repeat this routine up to four times a day at least four days a week for four weeks. Each week if you feel like your body can handle it, add in an additional challenge of a campfire crouch, bunny hop or left and right step up. Either way by staying with week one routines for the four weeks, or by adding in additional challenges, you’ll soon notice improvements.

For guidance on how to do the challenge and each of the routines you can view the videos for weeks one, two, three and four and download the poster and flyer.

Joining the Farmstrong Challenge will ‘turn on your core’  so that your body will stay ‘long and strong’ through the day.  Obviously, if you’re carrying an existing strain, injury or heart condition check those out first with a physio or doctor to make sure all the routines are right for you.

Good luck!

Week 1 Challenge

Week 2 Challenge

Week 3 Challenge

Week 4 Challenge

Download our 4 week challenge poster and flyer by clicking the links below.

Farmstrong Challenge Flyer

Farmstrong Challenge poster

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