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Heart-warming response to Farmstrong giveback competition

Farmstrong recently teamed up with The Sons of a B$tch + Mel Parsons Woolshed Tour to encourage farmers to take a break and get off the farm.

Although it was a South Island tour, Farmstrong wanted to give North Island farmers a chance to get there too, so we decided to launch a “Win a Mini-Break Competition” through Facebook, with flights, accommodation, spending money and a double pass to the show in Blenheim.

Entry was simple: people nominated someone they felt deserved some time off the farm. The response was overwhelming. Close to 250 entries were received in just a week, nominating hardworking husbands, wives, partners, parents, brothers-in-law, co-workers, neighbours and even a boss or two. In the end, the prize was given to a lovely young couple from Hawke’s Bay, who couldn’t have been more thrilled.

While choosing a winner was extremely difficult, it was also a very heart-warming task. The personal stories that were shared, and the display of compassion, resilience and selflessness really sums up what rural New Zealand is all about. There are many farmers doing it tough, but rather than think of themselves, they would rather give the chance for a break to someone else.

Feel free to check out the post and comments for yourself.


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