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Sign Up For the Farmstrong Challenge!

Do you want to help make New Zealand the fittest farming nation in the world?

Traditionally, farming in New Zealand was a physically labouring job. However, changes in farm production and automation have made farming much less active. With more time devoted to things like planning and management, plus the increased reliance on farm vehicles, means many farmers are sitting more and moving less. In fact, research shows that 75% of dairy farmers are at risk of cardiovascular disease.

To encourage farmers to get more active, we’re challenging you all to collectively achieve 4million kilometres of physical activity by 2 July 2016.  To put that in to perspective, that’s every farmer and grower in New Zealand doing around 70km each, so it’s going to take a combined effort.

You can walk, run, bike or even swim your kilometres in any combo you like, where and when suits you. The Farmstrong Challenge is a practical way to make regular exercise a business priority for you, your farm and your family. Because if you live well, you’ll farm well.

Why is Cardio so important for farming?

  • Regular cardiovascular exercise not only gets you physically fit, but it’s also a crucial player in managing your mental wellbeing – especially with all the ups and downs farming can bring.
  • It helps strengthen the body, builds stamina and stimulates chemicals that make us feel good and help our brains function better. It also greatly lessens the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and can help increase your lifespan.
  • It’s an excellent stress reliever, helping you to think more clearly and improve your mind-set.
  • It’s a great excuse to help you get off the farm, get social and spend some time with your family and friends.

Why sign up to the Farmstrong challenge?

Research shows that people who publically announce their goal are much more likely to achieve it. In short, the very act of pledging km’s can positively influence your behaviour towards being more active and improving your physical wellbeing!

How do I sign up?

Just register and create your profile here. Then set your goal (that’s your pledge) and get moving. You can track and log your km’s manually, or use one the apps below to do it for you. You can even join a group in your area or create your own.

Not sure how many km’s to pledge? Start small and break it down into what you think you can achieve in your daily routine. For example, 100km’s in 2 months looks like 1.6km’s per day. Once you’ve completed your pledge you can add a new pledge at any time – so we encourage you to push yourself. There’s also nothing like a bit of friendly competition to get you going – so be sure to let your mates know.

Tips for Getting Started

You don’t need to be a bike nut or a gym bunny to take part in the Farmstrong Challenge. This is your commitment to personal health and wellbeing, and something you’ll want to continue doing even after the challenge finishes on the 2nd July 2016.

  • Start small– do a little exercise every day and gradually build it up. Push yourself to go a bit further every time – you’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of.
  • Make exercise a habit– stick it in your diary like any other appointment, or incorporate it into your daily farming. Forgo the farm bike for the day, and your km’s will sky rocket.
  • Make it social – talk to your neighbours and friends about getting a team together. Exercise is more fun when others join you.
  • Count all the different exercise you do– play a game of rugby? Walk to the neighbour’s house? Be sure to add it all to your profile – every km counts.

You can choose any app you like, or just load your km’s manually as you complete them. The apps below can connect straight to your profile and do it all for you:



Best for cycling, walking or running

Moves app

If you plan on doing more walking and running rather than cycling, then this is the app for you as it will automatically update your total distance exercised.  Just be sure to give it a few hours to upload after the time you exercised. Learn more.

1) Download Moves



2) Connect Moves to your Farmstrong Challenge profile here


Best for cyclists

Strava app

Best if you’re planning on cycling, as Strava will automatically upload your km’s just a few hours after your ride. You can also get comprehensive stats and compare your times with others.  Learn more.

Note: If you connect the Strava app to your Farmstrong Challenge profile, any kilometres you cycle will automatically upload a few hours after your ride. However, while the Strava app will record the distance you also run or walk, this won’t automatically upload to your profile page or count against your pledged kilometres.  If you use this app and walk or run you will need to manually add those kms for them to count.

1) Download Strava



2) Connect Strava to your Farmstrong Challenge profile here


Best for cyclists

Love to ride app

Record your rides with the easy to use Love to Ride app.

It connects directly with your profile on the Farmstrong Challenge website. Record rides via GPS or manually.

1) Download the app



2) Login – Once downloaded, log into the app using your Farmstrong Challenge credentials


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  1. If you are planning a bike ride near Whangarei I’d be keen to help promote it and help organise

    • Glenn says:

      Thanks for the offer Angus unfortunately the tour wont be getting that far North this time. Maybe you could start a local one…

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